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The leading software engineering bootcamp for top college students and recent graduates. Learn how to code, build modern web & mobile software, and land competitive jobs & internships this summer!

Interested in our program?


Immerse yourself in technology. Learn how to build website, mobile and desktop applications an intense learning environment and discover what career paths interest you the most by leveraging our speaker series and mentor network.

Weeks 1-8: Learn to Code

Learn how to build website, mobile and desktop applications in an intensive full-stack javascript curriculum. Our curriculum has been built and directly influenced by engineers at leading technology companies.


You'll put your skills to the test and work on projects in small engineering teams.

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, you can use this time to build your own products under the mentorship of our world-class team.


We broaden students perspective and knowledge by bringing in successful entrepreneurs, engineers, operators and investors. Students will learn about new industries, building companies, and career paths. Prior students rave about the lessons they learned about technology, business and life.


Our mentor network consists of people from the top tech firms from around the world. The network is designed to help Horizonites successfully navigate the world of tech. Horizons students and graduates have exclusive access to our mentors.


Meet bright, ambitious students (like yourself) from around the world. We expect true friendships to be made and co-founders to be found among our truly one of a kind community.

Alumni Network

Build the Skills of a Software Engineer

Learn what it takes to build real products in a high touch, project-based learning environment.

Javascript & Fundamentals

  • Object Oriented JS
  • Algorithms 101
  • Data Structures
  • Github & Source Control
  • Developer Tools
  • JS Libraries

Frontend Web Development

  • jQuery, AJAX
  • Event Driven Programming
  • API Usage
  • Sample Projects: Twitter Feed Clone, Real Time Chat

Backend Web Development

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Mongo.db
  • Templating
  • Build your own API
  • Mailers, Delayed Jobs, Webhooks
  • Sample Projects: Kickstarter Clone, Trello Clone, Multiplayer Real-Time Blackjack

Web Security

  • Authentication Strategy with Passport.js
  • Oauth 2.0, Facebook Login
  • Web Security Vulnerabilities
  • Encryption, Hashing
  • Sample Projects: Hack into vulnerable websites, Build security measures to prevent hackers

Databases, Scaling, Performance

  • Keys, Foreign Keys
  • Indexes and Query Performance
  • Schema Design
  • Caching and Redis
  • Deployment and Heroku
  • Sample Projects: Yelp Clone, Ecommerce Site

Frontend Frameworks

  • React JS
  • Client-side Templating
  • Promises
  • Github & Source Control
  • Developer Tools
  • JS Libraries

Mobile and Desktop App Development

  • Mobile Apps with React Native
  • xCode and iOS Dev Tools
  • Apple App Ecosystem
  • Desktop Apps using Electron.js
  • Sample Projects: Slack Clone

Interview Prep

  • Sorting & Searching
  • Graph Traversal
  • Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Plenty of Mock Interviews

The Daily Hustle

Our days are fast paced and intense. While schedules may vary, below is a schedule on an average day.

9 am

Morning Lesson

Interactive & Live coding focused lectures

11 am

Warmup: Solo Coding

12 pm


1 pm

Pair Programming

Work in pairs and small on projects in a very hands-on, high touch learning environment (10:1 student to teacher ratio).

Projects start out as a few hours long, but span days as the course progresses.

6 pm

Code With Pros (Optional)

Have instructors code in front of you to review the hardest problems of the day. You will learn best practices and start to develop an eye for code style.

8 pm


Grab a bite with your newfound friends and take some time to sneak in a gym session before you rest up for another day of action. We have staff onsite ready to help you until 8pm every day!


Horizons brings together the world’s most promising future leaders and gives them the engineering skills, perspective and network they need to accelerate their success. I love this and everyone in this community. I have no doubt that many of the next great founders, engineers and world leaders will come out of this program.

Sadiki Wiltshire
Princeton University '18
Physics, East Asian Studies | Founder of the US China Coalition

"It’s only been 3 weeks and I feel like I’ve already gained so much — both in technical skills and friendships. Everyone here has such different interests but everyone works so hard. I am so grateful to be here, to have this opportunity to work and grow this summer among the brightest people I have met!

This is a very exciting time to engage in Computer Science. So many aspects of our lives are dependent on and shaped by the latest technologies that range from social networks to medical fields. I chose Horizons because I discovered my interest in Computer Science late in my undergraduate career. Here I’m able to merge my interdisciplinary liberal arts education with CS which gives me the means to enact change in a world that is so quickly evolving with tech."

Serry Park
Wellesley '16
Biological Sciences and Psychology | Event Manager, TEDxWellesleyCollege

"To craft value through mastery requires experience. And it is through experience that Horizons teaches the language of software. We learned by building actual applications from end-to-end. We're taught by instructors who have coded major products from the ground up. And you are learning all day, 12+ hours a day for 12 weeks to root these experiences.

You leave with a powerful mastery of what it means to work with technology. And no matter who you are, an entrepreneur trying to build your own product, a college student who wants to be light-years ahead of your competition in the job market, or just a person who wants to know how to wield the the most powerful tool of the 21st century, Horizons gives you the skills to make yourself smarter, more competitive, and more powerful in our ever-advancing world."

Eagle Wu
Babson '19
Economics | Founder & Head of Coordination, CODE

"Historically great leaps have been led by friends - truly remarkable contemporaries facing the hardest problems of their time together. Horizons is a training ground for the next generation of these leaders, it is this great melting pot where the world's most ambitious, curious, kind, and creative are challenged to forge ahead without fear and among great new friends. The next technological Renaissance, Unicorn, or PayPal mafia will come from this remarkable experiment."

Will Yoo
The Wharton School
Analytics, Statistics, Entrepreneurship | WeissLabs Incubator

Ideal Applicants

Amazing students make Horizons. Past student accomplishments include: perfect scores on the SAT and ACT, winning a National Math Competition, membership in the USA Computing Olympiad team, building a site with >100,000 uniques in a single day, and more.

We accept students based on their unique strengths, and not for a lack of weaknesses. We strive to fill our classes with students with a variety of interests and from different backgrounds. We are just as interested in Philosophy majors as Computer Science majors and Aerospace Engineers. Below are some themes we tend to like:

Logical Thinker

You are pretty good at math and classes that require logical thinking. You can learn new things fast.


You're a hustler and want to get your startup off the ground. Even if you don't have an idea yet, you want to be in tech and at the center of business and technology

Curious Technologist

You have diverse interests (politics, cooking, social impact) but love everything technology. You're smart, hard-working and see software as a means to have real impact.

Our alumni come from these top schools!

Note: Horizons is not formally affiliated with any of the universities above.

Speaker Series

Perspective is just as important as skills. We give Horizons students access to tech companies and leaders around the world. Here are just some of the speakers who have spoken to our class already!

Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase | CEO

106M raised, 471M valuation

Jesse Beyroutey

IA Ventures | Partner

Forbes 30 under 30. Partner by 26

Ken Baylor

Uber | Head of Compliance

Founder of Stealth Worker, Former VP Security Wells Fargo

Bing Chen

Victorious | Founder

Raised $50M, Formerly @ Youtube

Jake Paul

Team 10 | Founder

Vine superstar, > 3bn video views

Christina Saas

Andela | Founder

41M Raised

Marleen Vogelaar

Shapeways | Founder

76M raised

Payal Kadakia

Classpass | Founder

>$154M raised

Laks Srini

Zenefits | CTO

$2BN valuation


Summer 2019 - University
JUN - AUG '19
New York
M-F: 9am - 8pm
10 weeks
Summer 2019 - High School
JUN - JUL '19
New York
M-F: 9am - 6pm
7 weeks

Other Financing Opportunities


Each applicant will be considered for the Horizons Fellowship - a fully-funded scholarship to cover the cost of tuition + housing. The fellowship is highly selective. Between 5-8% of a given class recieve this opportunity.

Apprenticeship Plan ($0 upfront)

This is an alternate financing plan for students with a programming background looking for a software role after their semester at Horizons.

Students participate in one of our immersive programs (paying no tuition up front). After the program is completed, we assist students in their full-time software engineering job search. Upon successful placement, students owe Horizons a placement fee based on the success of their search. Horizons acts as both a school and active recruiter for students in this model.

Candidates earning 5 figure salaries will owe 15k and candidates earning 6 figure salaries will owe 20k. Placement fees can be paid over a students' first year of working.

Most students in this plan have atleast a CS minor, though we are open to interviewing any candidate who will be looking for a software role immediately after their time at Horizons.

The application process for this pricing plan is the same as our normal tuition-based plan. Candidates will receive an additional coding challenge at the end of the process if they are eligible for the plan.

Climb Credit (private student loan provider)

Horizons is partnered with a private lender called Climb Credit. Climb Credit is a new kind of student lending company which focuses on financing career-building programs to help students get a high return-on-investment from their education. They believe education is an investment toward your future career and earning potential.

Climb Offers:

- A quick online application, which can be completed in as little as 5 minutes with no impact to credit

- Low, affordable interest-only payments while in school and for a few months after to ease your job-search

- High loan approvals—including financing for students with no credit

- Instant decisions 90% of the time, with the ability to accept and e-sign your documents in just a few clicks

- Friendly and responsive customer service available by email (hello@climbcredit.com), phone (888-510-0533) and instant chat from 9am to 9pm Eastern