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Horizons One

For the crazy ones and misfits - the ones who believe they can fundamentally change the world with technology. The time is ripe.


Why did you create Horizons One?

Because we saw an opportunity to do much more. Today, we use our 3 & 4 month programs to transform our students’ skills and perspectives. Horizons One is our opportunity to provide a comprehensive educational experience with a singular focus in mind - to build tomorrow’s leaders in technology. A singular focus on this goal results in an experience unlike that which any other academic institution has to offer. Horizons graduates will leave the program with strong problem-solving abilities, engineering experience at real companies, broad technical exposure, focused technical expertise, industry perspective beyond their years, and world-class communication skills. With the right time and students, we can build a unique community of curious technologists.

How much does it cost?

Horizons One is tuition free. Depending on your family income, students are also eligible for a living subsidy throughout the program.

How is the program structured?

You'll spend your first year building your technical skillset and your second year applying your skills in industry!

What will I learn? How will this compare to the Summer and Semester Immersive Programs?

Every Horizons program focuses on building two aspects: Skills and Perspective.

Summer and Semester Immersive
Our Summer and Semester Immersive programs provide students with just enough skills to be dangerous. You learn how to build end-end web and mobile applications, get your startup ideas of the ground and gain a new literacy to continue learning on your own. In addition to spending 1000 hours coding, you learn directly from world class VCs, Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Executives in our Speaker Series. The Summer and Semester Immersive programs are amazing ways to see if tech is for you and open doors to opportunities that you probably didn't know existed.

Horizons One
The first 4 months of Horizons One is our Fall Semester program. The subsequent 8 months are focused curriculum that take your engineering and product skills to the next level. You delve into topics like Scalability, Data Engineering, Dev Ops, and Machine Learning and pick an area to build expertise in. You'll learn directly from industry experts in a variety of topics and build a T-shaped technical skillset in software engineering. You'll see and work with technologies that most don't think about until years into the job.

While the Fall program builds students' perspective through our speaker series, Horizons One takes a much more comprehensive approach to building students' perspective. We show students exactly what it takes to succeed in the industry and think about their careers on a longer term horizon. Whether it's becoming a world-class engineer, moving into management, or starting your own company, the path and steps will become clear.

What is the difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science? Will I miss out on very important theory?

Horizons takes a very applied focus to our curriculum. Our goal is maximize your impact in industry. This means you'll work with the languages, technologies and frameworks that modern software engineers do. You will build your understanding of CS theory, but it will be very focused on the concepts needed to succeed in industry. Think about the differences like that between Finance and Economics. Just because you study Finance, doesn't mean you ignore Economics. Instead, you learn all the relevant parts in highly applicable contexts.

What makes an ideal applicant?

Focus, curiosity, and resolve. Prior programming experience is not required. We are looking for students with strong problem solving skills and interest in software engineering. We will consider applications regardless of a students stage of life. However, we expect around 70% of our students to be recent university graduates.

What types of jobs do you foresee students working in?

In the second year of Horizons One, we expect 90-95% of students to go into software engineering roles. A handful of students may pursue roles like Product Management, Technical Marketing, Solutions Architect, or Venture Capital.

When are applications due?

Horizons performs rolling admissions throughout the year for all programs. However, our early admissions deadline (expedited admissions process) is May 21, 2017.

Can I apply for Horizons One and the Summer / Semester Immersive programs?

Yes. The first steps of the Horizons One application are the same as the Summer and Semester Immersive programs. You will recieve a Summer / Semester admissions decision before a Horizons One admissions decision.