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High School Technology Scholars

The Horizons Scholarship supports outstanding high school students in their pursuit to become tomorrow's leaders in technology.

The scholarship covers all tuition and housing costs for an immersive program that equips high-potential students with technology skills and perspective.

The program requires no prior computer science or programming knowledge and is open to current high school students of all ages. Read more about Horizons here.


High school

Interested in our program?

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  • Sunday 04/30 at 6PM ET
  • Tuesday 05/02 at 8PM ET
  • Wednesday 05/03 at 8PM ET
  • Thursday 05/04 at 8PM ET
  • Sunday 05/07 at 6PM ET
  • Tuesday 05/09 at 8PM ET
  • Wednesday 05/10 at 8PM ET

Inside the Scholarship




Student to Teacher Ratio


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Note: All scholarship applicants also have the option to be placed into our General Admissions process should they not be awarded the scholarship.