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Get a leg up on your career alongside the most talented high school and undergraduate students in the world via this highly selective and rigorous program designed for future technology leaders

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Horizons was designed for students from the world’s best universities. The Horizons Internship program seeks to continue to find top talent, even earlier, by opening up our experience to high school students.

We believe internships should be a learning experience - but after working with hundreds of college students we realized many weren't gaining valuable skills in their internships!

Our high school interns program is an opportunity for the worlds's top talent to forge lifelong connections with the nation's top undergraduate students by living and working in the same room, learn about tech careers via exclusive speaker sessions, refine job skills via a rigorous, applied programming curriculum and accelerate potential in engineering and entrepreneurship by gaining real work experience, all in one intense summer.

Learn to Code and build Web Applications

Learn how to build web and mobile applications via an intensive full-stack JavaScript curriculum that has pushed each and every one of our students to their limit. Our curriculum has been built by engineers at leading technology companies like Khan Academy, Salesforce, NerdWallet, and Optimizely.

Our course was designed for students at some of the nation's best universities. We are now opening it up to high schoolers!


Horizons is not just a School of Technology. We are a group of entrepreneurs (Y-Combinator, DreamIt Ventures, Wharton), former engineers in technology (Khan Academy, Salesforce, NerdWallet), and Investors (Investors in over 80+ companies including SpaceX, Reddit, and Built Robotics) who are passionate about bridging the gap between traditional education and the tech world.

The unique offering about our high school program is that you'll apply the programming skills you gain by interning for a Horizons portfolio company/project, putting your skills to real use in opportunities once reserved only for experts and industry insiders!

For those aspiring entrepreneurs, you can use this time to build your own products under the mentorship of our world-class team.

Meet Leaders in Technology

Getting access to Silicon Valley's tech elite at such a young age can be a transformative experience. We broaden students perspective and knowledge by bringing in successful entrepreneurs, engineers, operators and investors. Students will learn about new industries, building companies, and career paths. Prior students rave about the lessons they learned about technology, business and life.

Speakers include Cory Levy (Creator of AfterSchool), Matt Cohler (Employee #5 at Facebook and Co-Founder of LinkedIn), Jeff Jordan (President at PayPal and CEO at OpenTable), Keith Rabois (Vice President at PayPal and Founding Team at Square).


Our flagship program was created for high-achieving university students interested in technology. You'll be treated as equals with students who were in your shoes just a few years ago. Your peers will include National Mathematics Olympiad winners, Y-Combinator finalists, and Perfect scorers on the ACT/SAT and Formula 1 Racecar drivers.

Show Colleges that you stand out

Build a technical portfolio of projects and a new set of perspectives to stand out in your college applications.

Show admissions officers that you're passionate, capable and years ahead in your thinking. You'll be able to talk about first hand experiences from world class entrepreneurs and investors, show that you spent >500 hours of coding in a single summer and leverage insider knowledge from students who go to your dream school.

Not to mention an internship experience with companies created by top-tier investors in Silicon Valley.

Build the Skills of a Software Engineer.

Gain real work experience.

Learn what it takes to build real products in a high touch, project-based learning environment. After, apply your skills on the job with a top-tier tech company.

Javascript & Fundamentals

  • Object Oriented JS
  • Algorithms 101
  • Data Structures
  • Github & Source Control
  • Developer Tools
  • JS Libraries

Frontend Web Development

  • jQuery, AJAX
  • Event Driven Programming
  • API Usage
  • Sample Projects: Twitter Feed Clone, Real Time Chat

Backend Web Development

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Mongo.db
  • Templating
  • Build your own API
  • Mailers, Delayed Jobs, Webhooks
  • Sample Projects: Kickstarter Clone, Trello Clone, Multiplayer Real-Time Blackjack

Web Security

  • Authentication Strategy with Passport.js
  • Oauth 2.0, Facebook Login
  • Web Security Vulnerabilities
  • Encryption, Hashing
  • Sample Projects: Hack into vulnerable websites, Build security measures to prevent hackers

Databases, Scaling, Performance

  • Keys, Foreign Keys
  • Schema Design
  • Deployment and Heroku
  • Sample Projects: Yelp Clone, Ecommerce Site

Frontend Frameworks

  • React JS
  • Client-side Templating
  • Promises
  • Github & Source Control
  • Developer Tools
  • JS Libraries

Internship or Startup Experience

  • Create Your Dream Team
  • Design Your App
  • Manage Clients / Stakeholders
  • Test Your Product
  • Grow The Business
  • Learn From Professionals

The Daily Hustle

You share the same schedule as our college courses. Our days are fast paced and intense. While schedules may vary, below is a schedule on an average day.


Morning Lesson

Interactive & Live coding focused lectures


Warmup: Solo Coding




Pair Programming

Work in pairs and small on projects in a very hands-on, high touch learning environment (10:1 student to teacher ratio).

Projects start out as a few hours long, but span days as the course progresses.


Code With a Pro / Speaker Series

M, W, F: Have instructors code in front of you to review the hardest problems of the day. You will learn best practices and start to develop an eye for code style.

T, TH: We will bring in world class entrepreneurs, investors and technology leaders to share their stories with you.



Grab a bite with your newfound friends and take some time to sneak in a gym session before you rest up for the next day!

Speaker Series

Perspective is just as important as skills. We give Horizons students access to tech companies and leaders around the world. Here are just some of the speakers who have spoken to our class already!

Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase | CEO

106M raised, 471M valuation

Jesse Beyroutey

IA Ventures | Partner

Forbes 30 under 30. Partner by 26

Ken Baylor

Uber | Head of Compliance

Founder of Stealth Worker, Former VP Security Wells Fargo

Bing Chen

Victorious | Founder

Raised $50M, Formerly @ Youtube

Jake Paul

Team 10 | Founder

Vine superstar, > 3bn video views

Christina Saas

Andela | Founder

41M Raised

Marleen Vogelaar

Shapeways | Founder

76M raised

Payal Kadakia

Classpass | Founder

>$154M raised

Laks Srini

Zenefits | CTO

$2BN valuation

You'll share a classroom with students that attend the world's best universities. Horizons is a chance to learn and grow by experiencing life and work with your future peers.

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the universities above.


JUN 18 - AUG 3
San Francisco
M-F: 9am - 7pm
7 weeks
Housing - additional $900 per month