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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
What is Horizons?
We're a modern technology school. We help students launch careers in technology by providing a practical and industry focused software engineering curriculum.
Why does Horizons exist?
The tech industry is filled with high-paying lucrative careers, and a lack of students to fill these roles. Our model breaks barriers in accessibility and redefines Return On Investment (ROI) when learning technology skills.
Where are you located?
We are located in the heart of San Francisco. Our campus is in SOMA nearby the headquarters of technology companies like Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Square, etc. Given that most of our students come from out-of-state, we do partner with local housing providers to make accomodations easy and affordable for our students.
Selecting a Program
What programs do you offer?
Summer Immersive: This 12-week program begins either at the end of May or mid-June. The first 6 weeks are spent learning through lectures, pair-programming as well as group projects (i.e. creating Facebook!). The next 2 weeks are spent working on structured projects that you take from start-to-finish. The final 4 weeks can be spent doing one of the following: 1) Building out your idea, 2) Contract work for local startups or 3) Job prep.

Semester Immersive: This 16-week program follows the same general structure as the Summer Immersive program. The extra time is allotted for increased project work as well as advanced topics like machine learning!

High School Program: This 8-week program follows the same general structure as the Summer Immersive program.

Horizons One: This 2-year tuition-free apprenticeship is built for future software engineers. Students spend their first year in the classroom learning web and mobile app development as well as advanced topics such as frontend/backend performance, DevOps, distributed systems and even a second language! The second year is spent in industry working as a software engineer in a live production environment.

To learn more about the tuition, financing and scholarship of these programs, go to our Tuition section.
Which program is right for me?
If your primary motivation is to become a software engineer and you do not have a formal Computer Science background, you should apply for Horizons One. If your primary motivation is to prototype your app ideas or create a web/mobile portfolio for job applications (or personal hobby), the Semester Immersive and Summer Immersive programs would be better for you. We do not require Computer Science backgrounds for any of our programs!
Application Process
How do I apply for the Summer or Semester Immersive programs?
First, create an account at Horizons Immersive.
Second, complete your profile & online assessment.
Third, submit your video essay to videos@joinhorizons.com. The prompt will be emailed to you.
That's it! We usually respond back in 1-2 weeks with a decision via email.

Estimated time to complete application: less than 1 week.
How do I apply for Horizons One?
First, create an account at Horizons One.
Second, complete your profile & online assessment.
Third, work through our Prep program and pass our technical interview.
Finally, meet virtually with a member of our team for a cultural fit interview.
That's it! We usually respond back in 2-3 weeks with a decision via email.

Estimated time to complete application: 2-3 weeks.
How do I apply for the High School program?
First, create an account at Horizons High School.
Second, complete your profile & online assessment.
That's it! We usually respond back in 1-2 weeks with a decision via email.

Estimated time to complete application: less than 1 week.
How do I apply for the Fellowship or Scholarship?
Each Summer or Semester Immersive applicant is automatically considered for the Fellowship. Each High School Program applicant is automatically considered for the Scholarship. Horizons One is a tuition-free program so there is no notion of Fellowship or Scholarship here.
International Students
What do you mean by international student?
For our purposes, an international student is a non-US citizen without a valid greencard.
As an intl. student, which programs am I eligible for?
You are eligible for our Summer Immersive, Semester Immersive and High School programs. If you are in the OPT program based on a STEM degree with 3-years remaining, you are eligible to apply for any of our programs, including Horizons One.
Have international students participated in Horizons before?
Yes, we have had students from India, China, Italy, England, Canada, Vietnam & Nigeria attend our programs.
Tuition & Financing
What is the cost for your programs?
Summer Immersive: $10,000 + housing
Semester Immersive: $10,000 + housing
High School Program: $9,000 + housing
Horizons One: $0 in Year One + 100% Income Share Agreement (ISA) in Year Two. We provide you with living subsidies for Year One and Year Two.

Seniors majoring in Computer Science may also apply for our Apprenticeship pricing plan. In this plan, students can defer all tuition until after they land their first job. Read below for more details.
Do you offer financial aid?
We only offer financial aid for our Horizons One applicants to help cover housing & living expenses. Given that we are not an accredited institution, FAFSA and other federal loans will not apply here.
What financing plans are available for students?
Students can pay in 1, 3, or 6 equal monthly installments with 0% interest beginning before the start of class.
How does the Apprenticeship pricing plan work?
We take students with some programming background and take them through our Summer or Semester immersive programs.

After the program is completed, we assist you in your full-time software engineering job search. Upon successful placement, you owe Horizons a placement fee based on the success of your search.

Candidates earning 5 figure salaries will owe 15k and candidates earning 6 figure salaries will owe 20k. Placement fees can be paid over your first year of working.
Can I work during the program?
Due to the immersive nature of our programs, we expect students to honor a full-time commitment to Horizons for the program's duration. This helps us help you!
Why does the program cost the amount that it does?
Our overall goal is increase accessibility to high-quality software engineering education. To that end, we invest heavily in our staff of experienced instructors, classroom space in downtown San Francisco, curriculum development, internship and career resources, classroom experience among other items. While we do look for ways to bring the cost down, we will never sacrifice our program's quality for that purpose.
What is the deadline for my application?
We consider all applications on a rolling basis up until the Friday before the first day of class. We cannot guarantee that spots will be open so we highly recommend applying earlier.

Summer/Semester/High School: Your application will be due 2-weeks after you begin.
Horizons One: There is no formal deadline - most students complete their application within 3 weeks.
When can I expect to hear back once I've submitted my application?
You should hear back with a decision via email within 1-2 weeks. If you do not, please email admissions@joinhorizons.com
If I am admitted, by when do I have to accept or decline my seat in the program?
Your deadline will be provided in your admittance message. You will have to secure your seat through a non-refundable deposit that is credited towards your overall tuition.
Horizons Alumni
How many students have completed Horizons?
We've had around 300 students go through our programs!
Where do Horizonites come from and what are they interested in?
Summer & Semester students are generally between the ages of 18-25 and are coming from top 4-year universities. They are hard-working and motivated to bring positive impact to their community through technology. High School students are, as the name suggests, currently enrolled in or have recently graduated from high school. They are interested in building real-world technology skills and want to move faster towards building apps. These students are generally ranked highly in their class and are contenders for the world's leading universities. Horizons One students come from all walks of life. They are of all ages and backgrounds and are tied together by their desire to become a software engineer. They are screened to be strong analytical thinkers, have demonstrated desire for positive social impact and are excited by the role technology plays in their world.
What do students say about the program?
Check out our testimonials here, past student projects here (from many students who have never coded before!) and a few brief videos from students sharing more details about their experience. You can also use LinkedIn or email to reach out to former students and hear more!
Housing & Logistics
Where will I live?
We work with local housing providers to make accomodations super easy for you. You will have a choice of a few buildings that vary in terms of expense and luxuriousness and proximity to classroom. These buildings are located in San Francisco in either the SOMA or Lower Nob Hill neighborhoods. While we do recommend students living together, this is not mandatory. If you choose to make alternative accomodations, that is totally fine.
How much does housing cost?
The typical San Francisco resident would budget somewhere between $1500-$2200/month in rent. Due to our housing partnerships, students would expect to pay between $850/month for shared dorm accomodation to $1,600/month for apartment style living.
Who do I live with?
In the majority of cases, you will live with another Horizons student. In a few cases, you may be paired with another tech intern or student.
How do I get to San Francisco?
We recommend booking flights to either SFO or OAK. Both have easy transportation into the city through BART, shuttles, cabs or ride-sharing applications. You are responsible for selecting the transport method that works for you.
What do I do for local transportation?
We recommend walking! It's a beautiful city :) Otherwise, you can bike, use Scoot, Uber or Lyft, Muni, Bart, skateboard, electric skateboard, etc.
What do I do for meals?
Most students do a blend between meal-prep in their accomodations and sampling San Francisco's array of restaurants. Recently, students have been using MealPal to purchase discounted meals from local restaurants.
What's the gym situation?
We do not offer gym memberships or have a gym on campus. However, we are happy to recommend quite a few gyms nearby!
What is there to do in the San Francisco Bay Area?
So much! You can bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, take in the views at Twin Peaks, feast at local food truck parks, check out neighborhood festivals and block parties, get cultured at art exhibits sponsored by the De Young or local artists, visit Alcatraz, get office tours of your favorite tech companies, venture capital firms, startups, participate (and win) in hackathons, build apps with your Horizons friends, eat dim sum in China Town, watch a baseball game at AT&T park or watch Steph Curry dazzle you nearby in Oakland, visit Oakland for First Fridays, go surfing just north of the city, go hiking all across the bay area, try kite-surfing in the Bay, rent a boat in the Bay, visit Napa and Sonoma wine countries, check out Santana Row in San Jose, visit Stanford/Berkeley, and more!