Horizons One

A 2-year post-college software training program. Learn how to code, build web and mobile applications, and get a job as an engineer. It costs nothing upfront!

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What is Horizons One

The first of it's kind - Horizons One is a 2-year software engineering program designed for recent graduates and career switchers.

There are traditional computer science degrees and coding bootcamps. And then there is Horizons One. We built the accelerated software engineering program that we wish had existed when we launched our careers. Horizons One combines a cutting-edge computer science foundations with practical, industry-focused software engineering skills.

Horizons One students have been placed leading technology companies:

"It is simply unbelievable how much I learned in just 1 year at Horizons. The program is everything you'd want as a software engineer-in-the-making. And far more!"

Paul D.
Bowdoin College, Physics
Incoming Software Engineer at Bloomberg

The Horizons One Syllabus

Combining computer science & software engineering into a powerful real-world curriculum

Foundations in Programming

Computer Programming 101

Application Development

Javascript Fundamentals
Frontend Development
Backend Web Development
Intro to Databases
Intro to Mobile Development

Computer Science Fundamentals

Object Oriented Programming
Data Structures & Algorithms
Memory Management

Advanced Software Engineering

Frontend Topics:
Native iOS
Web Performance
Front-End Architecture

Backend Topics:
Systems Engineering
Dev Ops
Database Performance

* Cumulative income minus tuition costs 1 year after graduation

A financial model built for the future

  • No upfront tuition
  • Pay through your Year 2 earnings
  • Cash living stipends based on financial need
  • Maximize the return on your time and investment

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