Horizons One

The world's first tuition-free technology apprenticeship program. Students cultivate technical skills and perspective through a year of academic study followed by a year working in high growth, innovative companies.

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Inside Horizons


What is Horizons One?

Horizons One is the world’s first tuition-free technology co-op program. This two year program is designed to build highly technical leaders and accelerate promising careers in engineering, product management, and entrepreneurship.

In the first year, students learn how to build end-to-end web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Our curriculum is specially designed by former engineers at leading technology companies (Salesforce, Optimizely, D.E. Shaw)

In the second year, students will co-op at high-growth companies in technical roles. This experiential learning complements students’ Year One classroom experience and grooms them to excel both in the workforce and in the broader technology community.

Armed with technical skills, customer-centric product thinking and hands-on experience working in technology companies, our students graduate Horizons on a new trajectory towards high-potential opportunities with strong career mobility.

What does an ideal applicant look like?

We look for three qualities in Horizons One candidates:

1. Genuine curiosity for learning
2. Extraordinary levels of focus and relentless determination
3. Deep resolve to leverage technology positively

We deeply believe these qualities are essential in tomorrow’s technology leaders. If these describe you, we would love to get to know you.

Do I need to know how to code in order to apply?



Seriously! All of our programs, including Horizons One, are designed to create builders out of students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. You don't need to know how to code, but you do need to have a strong desire to learn!

When and where will this take place?

Horizons One will begin in September 2017 at our downtown San Francisco campus.

Why does Horizons One exist?

We created Horizons One to fill the unmet demand for highly technical leaders in today's technology workforce. We took an amazing step with our 3-4 month programs, building entrepreneurs and engineers at some of the hottest startups in the world. Horizons One allows us to create a fully T-shaped technology education to continue to build promising technology careers.

Horizons One has a singular focus on launching promising careers. We deliberately equip students with the right combination of skills and perspective designed to maximize impact in industry. Horizons graduates leave the program with a unique combination of strong problem-solving abilities, engineering experience at real companies, broad technical exposure, focused technical expertise, industry perspective beyond their years, and world-class communication skills that is hard to find in industry today.

How much does it cost?

Horizons One is 100% tuition-free. Depending on your family income, students are also eligible for a living subsidy for the duration of the program. Horizons funds all tuition and living subsidies through student co-ops. Living subsidies can range between $0 - $1500/month depending on the student. We expect most students to have a living subsidy in year 2 and a smaller number of students to have subsidies for both years.

How do I apply?

Consideration for this program requires completion of the standard Horizons application as well as a Horizons One supplement.

The standard Horizons application process will consist of an online logic assessment, submission of a short video expressing your interest and an interview with a member of the Horizons team.

The Horizons One supplement will consist of an additional short answer questions, final round interviews, and letters of recommendation.

What type of network will be available to help Horizons students?

The Horizons Network is built from 3 key sources: Direct Investments by founders, Co-Investors, and Horizons Alumni.

Direct Investments: The Horizons Founders have directly invested in over 50 companies over the last 2 years, providing direct access to founders of several companies. Many of our students already work at companies that we have invested in.

Investor Network: Through angel investments, we have also co-invested with some of the world’s best. In each of these investments, we have co-invested with many of the most iconic venture capital firms out there, further expanding our reach. These relationships provide strong unfair advantages for our students.

Horizons Alumni Network: Horizons One students will have access to 100s of companies they can get direct intros to through our Alumni network. You can read about some of the companies our students have worked at below!

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Where have Horizons students worked in the past?

We've helped students launch careers. While some have started companies, others have work in roles including Software Engineering, Product Management and Venture Capital. Students work in a variety of companies ranging from early stage startups, hyper-growth companies, and tech giants. Some of the companies our students have received offers from include Amazon, Google, Visa, JPMorgan, McKinsey, Slack, Squarespace, EA Games, Optimizely, PocketGems, The Stanford Research Institute (creators of Siri) and more!

What will I learn during Year One? How will this compare to the Summer and Semester Immersive Programs?

Every Horizons program focuses on building two aspects: Skills and Perspective.

Summer and Semester Immersive
Our Summer and Semester Immersive programs provide students with a powerful foundation in software engineering. You learn how to build end-to-end web and mobile applications, get your startup ideas of the ground and gain a new set of technical skills that allow you to continue learning on your own. In addition to spending over 1000 hours coding, you learn from world-class engineers, product managers, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs through our Horizons Speaker Series. The Summer and Semester Immersive programs provide students with a sneak peak into the world of technology and open a variety of doors.

Horizons One
The first 4 months of Horizons One consists of the same curriculum as our Semester Immersive Program. The subsequent 8 months consist of focused curricula that take your engineering and product skills to the next level. You delve into topics like Scalability, Data Engineering, Dev Ops and more - you'll also pick an area in which to build expertise. You'll learn directly from industry experts across a variety of topics and build both breadth and depth with your engineering skillset. You will achieve a level of technical understanding that most don't reach until much later.

Horizons One also takes a much more comprehensive approach to providing you with deeper and more expansive perspective. We show you exactly what it takes to succeed in the world of tech. We teach you how to think about your long-term career trajectory. Whether your goal is to become a world-class engineer, manager, or entrepreneur, we will show you the path.

How do I decide between Horizons One and the Summer and Semester Immersive?

Whether you want to be a world class software engineer, product manager, or entrepreneur, the next 2 years are a time to pave the road for the rest of your career. Horizons One allows us to coach you through the whole process, while our Summer and Semester programs open doors and give you a jump start in the right direction.

If you're interested in tech, but still figuring out if it's for you, our Summer and Semester programs will give you enough to be dangerous. If you know that tech is for you, Horizons One is a predictable path to deeper subject mastery and high career mobility.

Our instructors have started and sold companies and helped build products for iconic tech companies. They are here to recreate the best peers, managers and executives that they worked with. We created Horizons One to help our students all the way through the journey we set them on in our introductory programs.

How do students get placed in their second year Co-Op and what types of will they work at?

The Horizons Co-Op placement process is a 50% match and 50% search. This means you'll be introduced to companies that we have established relationships with and also apply to companies that are particularly exciting to you! One of the exciting aspects of the tech/startup space is the sheer number of innovative companies.

We expect the majority of students to work in San Francisco and New York in their second year, however, we do ask students to be open to other cities within the US. 90% of software engineering job openings actually exist outside of San Francisco.

We expect students to work in a range of companies ranging from small startups to more established tech giants. Please see the question below to see where former Horizonites have worked.

When are applications due?

Horizons admits students on a rolling basis throughout the year for all programs. We are accepting applications for Horizons One 2018-2020!

Can I apply for Horizons One and the Summer / Semester Immersive programs?

Yes. The first steps of the Horizons One application are the same as those of the Summer and Semester Immersive programs.