Horizons Scholarship

The Horizons Scholarship is a fully-funded experience bringing real-world technology and software to the country's top high school students. Learn how to code, build web and mobile software, and gain internship experience.

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Horizons provides students from top universities
life-changing tech skills & perspectives.
Now, we're open to high schoolers.

We teach the programming skills and entrepreneurial perspectives missing from the world's top universities

The world's top high school students gather at Horizons for a life-changing summer. They spend their time building dozens of projects like their own versions of Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp.

Students hear from incredible speakers and mentors as well as complete an intensive internship experience.

Foundations in programming and logic

Web & Mobile Application Development

Speaker Series

Advanced Internship Experience

40-hour intensive pre-coursework
Algorithms and data-structures challenges

Javascript Fundamentals
Frontend Development
Backend Web Development
Web Security

Jake Paul (Vine Star)
Cory Levy (AfterSchool)
Matt Cohler (Facebook)
Payal Kadakia (ClassPass)

Manage Client Relationships
Create Your Dream Team
Design Your Product
Build Your Product

Students gain a leg up on their early career by joining our curated network and community.

Our students end up at the world's best universities and companies.

Our team actively supports students in their early college and career experiences, tapping into our growing alumni base (300+) and connections from our founders directly investing in over 100 companies.

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What is Horizons High School?

Horizons high school is an unprecendented opportunity to further develop highly sought after technology skills. This program is designed to build highly technical leaders and accelerate a student's success before they even step foot on a college campus.

In a 7-week immersive course, students learn how to build end-to-end web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Our curriculum is specially designed by former engineers at leading technology companies (Salesforce, Optimizely, D.E. Shaw, Khan Academy, Palantir)

Students also complete an on-site internship or work on their own startup. This experiential learning complements students’ classroom experience and grooms them to excel both in the workforce, in college, and in the broader technology community.

The unique part of Horizons for high schoolers is the majority of their peers are college students at the world's top universities. The select high school students who join us mature tremendously via this challenging experience.

What does an ideal applicant look like?

We look for three qualities in Horizons candidates:

1. Genuine curiosity for learning
2. Extraordinary levels of focus and relentless determination
3. Deep resolve to leverage technology positively

We deeply believe these qualities are essential in tomorrow’s technology leaders. If these describe you, we would love to get to know you.

Do I need to know how to code in order to apply?


When and where will this take place?

Horizons High School cohort takes place from June 18th to August 3rd at our downtown San Francisco campus.

Why does the high school program exist?

We took an amazing step with our 3-4 month college programs, building entrepreneurs and engineers at some of the hottest startups in the world. The high school program allows us to identify and develop students potential even earlier in their career trajectory.

We believe internships should be a learning experience - but after working with hundreds of college students we realized many weren't gaining valuable skills in their internships!

Our high school interns program is an opportunity for the worlds's top talent to forge lifelong connections with the nation's top undergraduate students by living and working in the same room, learn about tech careers via exclusive speaker sessions, refine job skills via a rigorous, applied programming curriculum and accelerate potential in engineering and entrepreneurship by gaining real work experience, all in one intense summer.

What is the Horizons Scholarship?

The Horizons Scholarship fully funds a students experience in San Francisco (including housing).

The scholarship review process is competitive: we award scholarships to 5-7% of students who get into the program.

Past students who have been accepted into the program include perfect scorers on the SAT and ACT, Y-Combinator Finalists, Formula 1 Racecar Drivers, Division 1 Basketball Players, and school valedicatorians.

How do I apply?

Consideration for this program requires completion submission of standardized test scores and completion of an online logic assessment.

Once the online assessment is submitted, your application will be reviewed by our admissions committee which includes former students of the Horizons program.

What type of network will be available to help Horizons students?

The Horizons Network is built from 3 key sources: Direct Investments by founders, Co-Investors, and Horizons Alumni.

Direct Investments: The Horizons Founders have directly invested in over 50 companies over the last 2 years, providing direct access to founders of several companies. Many of our students already work at companies that we have invested in.

Investor Network: Through angel investments, we have also co-invested with some of the world’s best. In each of these investments, we have co-invested with many of the most iconic venture capital firms out there, further expanding our reach. These relationships provide strong unfair advantages for our students.

Horizons Alumni Network: Horizons students will have access to 100s of companies they can get direct intros to through our Alumni network. High school Horizonites also have the opportunity to speak with current and former students at hundreds of colleges and universities about their experiences!

Where do past Horizonites do?

Horizons students attend the world's best universities. 40% study computer science.

Students work in a variety of companies ranging from early stage startups, hyper-growth companies, and tech giants. Some of the companies our students have received offers from include Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Visa, JPMorgan, Bloomberg, McKinsey, Slack, Squarespace, EA Games, Optimizely, PocketGems, The Stanford Research Institute (creators of Siri) and many many more! This list grows every day.

What is the difference between Horizons High School and Horizons College?

There is fundamentally no difference in terms of curriculum and resources available to high school students. They share the same lectures, instructors, classroom space etc. They go to lunch and dinner together, and attend all the same speaker series.

This explains why we are so selective when accepting high school students, high school Horizonites are expected to by mature enough to directly integrate into a course that challenges top computer science and engineering students.

When are applications due?

Horizons admits students on a rolling basis throughout the year for all programs. We are accepting applications for the summer 2018 high school cohort!