Horizons for Teams

Do you and your friends want to be entrepreneurs?

If you have an idea, we are all ears. If you don't, thats fine too. We invest in amazing teams. We'll give you real skills, mentors, resources and ideas we see promise in.

Join us in Silicon Valley for a life-changing 4 months. Learn to code in 2 months and launch a startup in the 2 months after.

Interested in launching your startup?

How it works

1. Find a team

2. Submit your project idea

3. We interview your team. If we like what we see, we will admit your team into our Semester Immersive Program in San Francisco.

4. You will first spend 2 months learning to build web, mobile and desktop applications at scale. Your team will then in 2 months build your idea, launch it to users and iterate. You'll build under the direct guidance of world class engineers (our instructors) and our network of investors, entrepreneurs, and product managers.


How much does the program cost?

$11,500 per team member

Why do you not take a % of our startups like traditional incubators?

We are not an incubator. This is a training-ground for entrepreneurs. We in many ways see ourselves as pre-incubator. There is no better way to learn than to build, ship, sell and iterate. We will be actively looking to invest in companies that make it out of Horizons and where teams choose to continue pursuing their ideas. For teams interested in learning about entrepreneurship, you will live it. For teams that seek to become entrepreneurs you will have a great shot of actually making it.

Who are you?

We are a school of technology that gives ambitious students the skills of an engineer and the perspective of an entrepreneur. Our team is founded by former YC & Dreamit Ventures backed founders, Wharton Alumns, and product managers at unicorn companies.

Will the code / IP be mine?

Yes. It's your team, your idea. We've built software before. We're working on Horizons to teach you how to do it.

So you guys are also angel investors...Will you fund my startup once it gets going?

Our team actively angel invests (>25 investments to date). We are actively looking to invest in teams that come out of Horizons.

Ultimately, we are building a network of amazing talent and even if your first idea does not work out, we hope you'll stay in the Horizons network so we can invest in you later. Students who go through our program will go back to school with a dramatically shifted perspective. Many of them will become entrepreneurs in the 3-5 year Horizon.